Swiss Esports Map Report 2021

Swiss Esports Map Report 2021
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Swiss Esports Map

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Founding Years of Esports Organisations

70% of the Swiss esports organisations were founded between 2018 and 2021. In 2020, a record of new foundations was established.

Most Popular Competitions

Swiss competitions are the most important competitions for Swiss esports organisations. Over half of the Swiss organisations participate in the SwitzerLAN and the
Swiss Esports League.

Headquarters of the Organisations

Most esports organisations are settled in the canton Vaud, followed by Zurich and Bern.

Player’s Residence

Slightly more than half of the organisations stated that they have esports players in the canton of Zurich.


48 Swiss esports organisations are competing in national or international competitions. The average organisation in Switzerland has about 20 players, 4 teams, 210 community members, and 8 staff/employees who do 30 hours of volunteer work per week, and participate in 4 different games.

Most Popular Esports Titles

League of Legends, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros are the most popular esports titles in Switzerland. Over 40% of the organisations are competing in League of Legends.

Social Media Platforms

To stay connected with the community, over 95% of Swiss esports organisations make use of Twitter and
nearly 90% have a Discord server.

Top Three Challenges

Top three challenges Swiss esports organisations are facing: financial difficulties, community building, and team building.